Training at my New Airline

VLOG 170
started ground training at my new airline, Air Asia.
The training is fun and lots of things to learn.
we learn about the aircrft technical, performance and other non technical training as well.
all the training is done at Bangalore.
Hope you enjoy the video.
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I graduated from IIT Kharagpur and currently work as a captain with a domestic carrier.


  • Niyas Manzoor
    Niyas Manzoor

    Didnt you get this training in Indigo already ?

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  • HARIHAR SINGH BISHT #trendsetter
    HARIHAR SINGH BISHT #trendsetter

    Sir aapki hieght kitni hai

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  • Ayushi Biswas
    Ayushi Biswas

    what is your work in this airline

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    Do they take the one with spectacles please tell

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  • Asim Khan
    Asim Khan

    Kissa sunao bhai

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    Harsharn Kaur


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  • siddhartha bhattacharyya
    siddhartha bhattacharyya

    Sir ..Now U have Join With Air Asia Right Now ...

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  • Akshar Sharma
    Akshar Sharma

    Video content really appreciated Make aviation related topics more ..... We would love to see them😀😀

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  • Mehlawat 31
    Mehlawat 31

    Can a pilot have an Ear Piercing ?

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    Bijay Moktan

    Rasbhari 😍😍😍💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️

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  • Bijay Moktan
    Bijay Moktan

    love you Rasbhari xori

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  • Jagat Sanghani
    Jagat Sanghani

    Hi Mr Gaurav, have been quite regularly watching your blogs, it sends me a sense of super positive vibes about life, relationships, responsibilities, etc. I, as a young entrepreneur, your blogs work as a stress buster at the end of the day. You have no idea how much you, your life inspires me. Just want to thank you about it, never commented on any video, always been a silent follower, today I would want to thank you for all the positive vibes you, your wife are spreading through the blogs. In love with your simplicity, would definitely wish to have this quality in my ownself. Hope to see you someday in life! I just hope you read this comment, it is absolutely out of gratitude and love for you. Thanks, Jagat, Nagpur PS: Would want to meet you someday, please do ping over mail (I'm so sorry for having you ping over, but I found no other way to connect with you) Keep inspiring!!

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    Psycho Man

    Subscribe to flying beast because of 00:01

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    gagan deep

    Sir ispe video bnao

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  • A-Y vlogs
    A-Y vlogs

    Kya bey cut pe cut

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  • Pallavi Gandhi
    Pallavi Gandhi

    Hi I always check out your information about aviation on your channel n I like it a lot I am in sales n I too travel a lot Your videos are very enriching

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  • Aditya Lohia
    Aditya Lohia

    Sir ji I have subscribed ur channel but I admit I never press like button just bcoz m too lazy...but today rasbhari's kisssi made me press LIKE.... God bless her with this lovely smile always.

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  • Aanshu Rathi
    Aanshu Rathi

    Humne apki ek bhi baat pe dhyan nhi diya Humara dhyan rushbhari pe hi hai Cute h bht ye

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  • Abhisek Sahoo
    Abhisek Sahoo

    Hi Gaurav bhai, Please make some video about why airline and airport foods are so expensive than other places. This will be very informative

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  • Wired tomprose
    Wired tomprose

    saare state ki political party ke support ke bina iss baar sarkar nai banege... majority wali current sarkar haar issue me fail hai india has voted for change..... 🙏🏻🇮🇳

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    Carbon copy of father lots of love to rasbhari

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  • Vivek Mishra
    Vivek Mishra

    Mr. Robert Vadra is accompanying Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi and if she is a SPG protectee, then Mr. Vadra would still be exempted from pre-embarkation check.

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  • Ayush Kumar
    Ayush Kumar

    Abb flying beast ke videos me pehle jaisa maza nahi aa raha....pata nahi tuition me kya sikhaya gaya wo hume kyu bata rha hai!?....not at all interesting 😖

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  • Sarbaz Noorie
    Sarbaz Noorie

    Haa jarur aise interesting kisse sunne me bohot maza aata hai

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  • Mohammad Tariq
    Mohammad Tariq

    Please post topics and scenes related to aviation

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  • Syed Shazil Hussain
    Syed Shazil Hussain

    Hijackers become ministers, terrorists gets mp tickets.... anything can happen in Indian politics.

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  • Akshay Chaudhary
    Akshay Chaudhary

    Which camera do you use when you are using that follow mode ..a mount on the bag I think with which camera ?

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    Hume aise interesting aviation ke kisse jaan ne hai...

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  • prakhar Goyal
    prakhar Goyal

    Kise toh jane hai ji

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  • G Renganathan
    G Renganathan

    2:22 Rasbhari like chrdhna haath

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  • Abhijeet Longiany
    Abhijeet Longiany

    Sorry Gaurav Bhai!!! Couldn't listen your views as was very much interested in seeing CHIKALU 🤩🤩🤩

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  • Nilutpal Timsina
    Nilutpal Timsina

    Robert Vadra is the husband of Priyanka Gandhi, who is an SPG protectee because her father was PM. So Vadra being an immediate family member of Priyanka Gandhi, he is entitled to get it, however, only if he travels with Priyanka who gets SPG protection every time.

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  • Design to Explain
    Design to Explain

    Bhai pehle wala camera better tha

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    ravinder singh devlas

    So happy for you .love watching your Vlogs .

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    devanshu sharma


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  • Vinod Trivedi
    Vinod Trivedi

    Moral of the story is don't vote Congress.

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  • 777khatri

    Robert Vadra is exempt from frisking security check because, the accompanying spouse of the VVIPs/VIPs is also exempted from pre-embarkation security checks at all civil airports in the country.

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  • Kartik Tyagi
    Kartik Tyagi

    4:51 i watched this 8-10 times already haha so cute

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    4:21 Congress Me Hmesha Se Reward Koi Na Koi Wanted Criminal Ko Ya Wanted Terrorist Ko Hi Milta Aaya He Abhi Tak ........Kiyoki Ye Party He #pakistanipremi

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  • Design to Explain
    Design to Explain

    And then the BJP gives tickets to terrorists too.. Dono hi chor hai

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  • skand thakur
    skand thakur

    Just saw rasbhari and liked the video

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  • balaji pillai
    balaji pillai

    Sir welcome to airasia.. Iam based in kuala Lumpur.. Whould love to meet.. 🍻

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  • Amartya Aishwarya
    Amartya Aishwarya

    Gaurav bhai, once you said you will make a video telling how to become a commercial pilot in the cheapest way possible. We are eagerly waiting for that video. Please make that knowledgeable video. I want to become a commercial pilot , but I dont have that huge amount of money. Please please make the video as soon as possible.

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  • Sarvesh Singh
    Sarvesh Singh

    Rsabhari jaan hi blog ki

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  • Rajinder Singh
    Rajinder Singh

    Yes need more stories of aviation

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  • Rupendra Sharma
    Rupendra Sharma

    My father was in SPG for about 10 years, so let me take that Robert Vadra question. Robert Vadra, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka all of them are exempt from any security checks as it has been categorically mentioned in the 1988 act of parliament that the "immediate members" of the Gandhi family shall be protected by SPG for life. SPG was primarily constituted to provide security to the Indian prime minister while in office and upto 5 years after leaving the office in the aftermath of Indira and Rajeev Gandhi's assassination. Which is why the Gandhi family has recieved this privilege for life and Robert Vadra naturally being a member of the family got it as well.

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  • kishan singh
    kishan singh

    Congress saale hote hi chutiye hai

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  • Vaibhav

    Robert Wadra Because hi is So called Damad Of Congress (Yes Its Inheritance) But Koi nahi Modi ji ne Hta di sari Privilege 😂😂😂😂

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  • tejas12 ghule
    tejas12 ghule

    Bhai Mo ne ambani ko piche chod diya

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    Rahul kumar

    Rasbhari ke lia ek like👍

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    Akshar Mallik

    Sir your daughter is soooooo sweet

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  • Sourav Hazra
    Sourav Hazra

    Congressional vaia.

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  • Divya Gaurika
    Divya Gaurika

    Hey Gaurav I always wanted to be commercial pilot but somehow I didn't become & now I am working in General Insurance Co. we have an aviation Insurance portfolio by which I connect to aviation sector n Ur videos r always informative.Thank u so much.... God bless u n Ur family

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  • arpit srivastava
    arpit srivastava

    Sir please make video on Charkhi dadri air collision.

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  • vipin chandran
    vipin chandran

    നുമ്മ kochi

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  • Varsha Khatri
    Varsha Khatri

    Wanted to meet you . Please put a prior information before u come bnglr pleasssseeee

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  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar

    Rob. Vadra, Priyanka's husband n son-in-law of Rajiv Gandhi (ex PM). Priyanka is entitled to SPG due to her father (blood relation) being PM. n therefore her husband too who now is subject of Gandhi family. Full detail in link ok, Rasbhari, i get amused by her charming personality. This vlog belongs to her. She stole my heart. Her face gestures are awesome. god bless

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  • D.g RON
    D.g RON

    Truly speaking , apne jo bhi batein kahi suni nhi gyi bs rashbari ko hi dekha.😂

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  • Parul Chauhan
    Parul Chauhan

    Sir,i m a big fan of ritu mam ...mujhe pta h,sayd ap mera comment na bhi dekh pae ,but mujhe sch me apka reply chahie 😊

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  • A.R.S TECH
    A.R.S TECH

    Dude Boeing is also in Same airline

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  • raspberrynation

    Sir please explain V1,Vr and V2

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  • raspberrynation

    F*ck Congress

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    Sudarshan Singh


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    Pritosh kumar

    im not watching taneja sir im watching rashbari how cute she is....nere nazar na lage....awwwmuhaa

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  • Max C
    Max C

    There's no word called "pre-poned". You need to say 'advanced'.

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  • Crazy Insaan
    Crazy Insaan

    #3:10 was the best part

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    Manish Kumar

    Your unlikes shows how good vlogger u r and ur content🔥🔥❤❤

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  • ABHISHEK Sushree
    ABHISHEK Sushree

    Sir we want to know about the different cases of aviation security.

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  • mr Suchar
    mr Suchar

    Nice video..

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  • Shweta talreja
    Shweta talreja

    Aircraft ke baare me batate hai isse humari now ledge badti thank gauravji

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    Shardul Limaye

    Mast video hai sir

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    Ajay Sunder please like share and subscribe

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    Sourabh Jha

    Because he is national damad

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  • The Rohan Bose Channel
    The Rohan Bose Channel Did u know about this?

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    varsha singh

    Came to see rasbhari ❤

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    Alfaz I

    So cute baby we all waiting. For again flying for ur sir

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  • Om sudhir
    Om sudhir

    Rober Vadra's name is removed from the "warrant of precedence" list after 2014. It was revised in 2014. Kindly check 😁

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  • Shubham Vijay
    Shubham Vijay

    Robert Vadra is exempted from security check only when he is travelling with SPG protectees (Priyanka Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi etc). The Special Protection Group (SPG) is one of the eight Central Armed Police Forces of India formed in 1988 by an act of the Parliament of India for “providing proximate security to the Prime Minister of India and former Prime Minister of India and members of their immediate families (wife, husband, children and parents)”.Family members of a serving Prime Minister (PM) may decline security. Former PMs and their immediate family members may also, if they choose, decline SPG security. Based on the above grounds, Government of India has exempted the following categories of people from pre-embarkation checks at civilian airports. President Vice President Prime Minister Governors of States Former Presidents Former Vice President Chief Justice of India Speaker of Lok Sabha Union Ministers of Cabinet rank Chief Ministers of States Deputy Chief Ministers of States Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Holders of Bharat Ratna Decoration Ambassadors of foreign countries, charge D’ Affairs and High Commissioners and their spouces Judges of Supreme Court Chief Election Commissioner Comptroller & Auditor General of India Deputy Chairman Rajya Sabha & Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha Minister of State of the Union Council of Ministers Attorney General of India Cabinet Secretary Lt Governors of Union Territories Chiefs of staffs holding the rank of full General or equivalent rank Chief Justices of the High Courts Chief Ministers of Union Territories Deputy Chief Ministers of Union Territories Visiting Foreign dignitaries of the same status at SI. Nos. 1 to 4,7,8,9 above His Holiness the Dalai Lama SPG Protectees Shri Robert Vadra, while travelling with SPG Protectees. Spouse of the President of India is exempted from pre-embarkation security checks at all civil airports even when he/she is not accompanying the President Former Prime Ministers of India

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  • sharma ji
    sharma ji

    Vo meethi meethi hai "rarashbhari"😍 Vo pyaari se hai "rashbhari"🙈 Aap dono ki ladli hai "rashbhari" 😘 Hamare pyari se chotu se rashbhari 🙏

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  • surbhi mittal
    surbhi mittal

    Hey guys... U both are superb together.... I have not seen a woman like ritu who supports her husband like anything .. she everytime gives credit for everything to gaurav only... she is such a charm... A diamond who has come in this world to shine gaurav's life.... Gaurav u crack jokes thats awsom... but most of time make fun of ritu and she always takes that in a positive way... I have never seen angry or tensed face...thats applaudable... Her deeds are awsom like touching your feet everyday and many more .... Only a few people left in our society who carries all these flavours... Yes you are the face of this channel but she is the backbone... she is your strength .. and i love this channel because i can learn from this channel..'the values"... There are a lot of channels exist on youtube which shows real stuff... This is not unique feature of ur channel... Uniqueness lies in your souls and especially in ritu's and her face, her innocence.... Gaurav u have asked in fan fest video and at other places also . that who is better between 2 of u..... U two are not competing against each other ...u two are together and makes 1 thats why ur channel is touching millions hearts... This is the richness of your channel that you 2 are superb together and especially ritus support for u... Always and forever... God bless u

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    Ayush A

    Waiting for another collab video with Rasbhari 👶

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    Atal Pathak

    Make video for newly ordinary person first time boarding in air travelling

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    Atal Pathak

    Good girl never make a noise sicere and very loving child bless her and you and your wife also

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    Atal Pathak

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    Hardevsinh chauhan

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    kuldeep kaushik

    Informative...vadra is exempted only when he is travelling with spg protectees.

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    Varun Patwari

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    Tanveer Ahmed Sheikh

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    nitin sharma

    Looking forward to having you at Flywings Simulator Training Centre on 20th and 21st for SEP drills Captain Taneja. Best regards Nitin Sharma

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    Satvinder Saini

    Tapasya sthal😂😂😂

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  • Khushnaz Ahmad
    Khushnaz Ahmad

    Capt Gaurav Mr. Robert vodra is not exempted from PEC initially he was ....He is exempted only when he is flying with spg and along with her wife.....

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    mandeep kaur

    New job air Asia

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    My Beautiful Cat

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