Malang | Vijay Varma, Arzoo Dhilon | Masoom Sharma, Ruchika Jangid | New Haryanvi Song Haryanavi2019

Malang New Most Popular Haryanvi Songs Haryanavi 2019. Starring with Vijay Varma & Arzoo Dhilon Song by Masoom Sharma & Ruchika Jangid Directed by Vijay Varma Music Label "Sonotek Music ".
#Malang #Vijay_Varma #Sonotek_Music
Song: Malang
Singer: Masoom Sharma & Ruchika Jangid
Starring: Vijay Varma & Arzoo Dhilon
Writer: Andy Dahiya & Vijay Varma
Music: Gulshan Music ( Sonotek Music Studio )
Mix & Mastering: Diwan Arya
Director: Vijay Varma
DOP: Vikas Singroha
Location : Pictura Cortyard
Music Label & Copyrights: Sonotek Cassettes
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    Bhai 0:60 aisy t-shirt na mili pury market ghum lia . Koi link bhej do online purchase krne k lie

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  • Rahul Saini
    Rahul Saini

    Singer: Masoom Sharma & Ruchika Jangid Starring: Vijay Varma & Arzoo Dhilon Writer: Andy Dahiya & Vijay Varma gjb

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