Faltu Rapper - Dino James [Official Video]

All that glitters is LOL.
Song Credits:
Music Produced by Bluish Music (Nilesh Patel)
Mixed andMastered by: Abhishek Ghatak
Music Supervised by : Girish Nakod
Recording Engineer: - Sanjay
Vocals recorded at Rae n Raga Studio
Written and Composed by Dino James
Video credits:
Directed and Edited by: Himanshu Tyagi
Concept by: Dino James and Himanshu Tyagi
First Assistant Director: Sheepu Sharma
Choreography by Rohan and Group
Boss: Rohit Sagar
Girls : Bhavana Karekar and Aditi Thapa
Wanna be singer : Ajay Sharma
Thanks to: Shadab Rayeen
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  • Dino James
    Dino James

    Thank you all for the love. God bless you.

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    😎DINO 😱ME. 💕

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    Dino you are great.

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    Dino ❤

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    Nitin Saini

    Dino James bhai next rap Indian education per plz bhai

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    mohd sahil ch

    Dino bhai pubg pr vi ek song bna do plzzzzzzzzz bhai plzzzzzzz

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    Bickey Chhetri

    Sir....u r perfect.....ur lyrics ...too good....

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    Mubeena Akhtar


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  • Mubeena Akhtar
    Mubeena Akhtar

    Osm.. as always. No words to define u #legend #dino ..

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  • pavan kumar
    pavan kumar

    1:05, 5:05 did he troll Brodha V?

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    Akash Sharma

    Sir We Have Made a Video On Your Video of Faltu Rapper

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    Status guru and A teacher

    No. 1 bhai

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    Praveen Kumar

    Legend= dino Kid = emiway

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  • Neil Malkan
    Neil Malkan

    You're the Indian version of Slim Shady in his youth, big up:)

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  • Mukesh Makwana
    Mukesh Makwana

    Ur the best bro the real rapper god bless u ♥️♥️♥️

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  • Motilal Oswal
    Motilal Oswal

    Has a personality and the lyrics Aur kya chahiye bhai 🤩🤩

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  • Paras Bhatia
    Paras Bhatia

    It's a trend changing , he is doing what he want to do , so what it makes it different and original.

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  • Abdullah Ali
    Abdullah Ali

    Basically hindi version of Just Lose it

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    Vivek Kumar

    bhai aap jbrdst ho. bhai apne music company khol na🤗🤗

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    shubham soni

    You got a new sub ... (+_+)

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    Gold Berg

    Bhai, Eminem (D12 MY BAND) ko copy karogay ye expect nahi kia tha. Be yourself, bro.

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    Rohit Sen

    This guy is really underrated

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    rajkeshava singh saini

    Love you Dino

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  • Yash Jain
    Yash Jain

    Sachai Dikhadi bade bade songs ke peeche ki Aukad saamne aagayi ye bade bade gaano ki gaadi, ladkiyan, mansion etc youth ko gumrah karna sab kaam karne se aata he

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  • Kulveer Rajpurohit
    Kulveer Rajpurohit

    Dino james "rape"=continuous rhyme speech.

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    Akarshit jaiswal dance

    Ek nom.

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    PKS tHé gRêâT

    I m ur big fan yrrr wt a body 💪😍😍

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    raju dhadhal

    Bole to fadi eminem ki bhi ,,,,, dino fans hit the like The " Indian rap god"😎

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    Deepak Bhardwaj

    Century by dino

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    rohit kumar

    Bhai u are upcoming superstar.... Keep it up 👌

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    nitin mishra

    Tujhe grammy milega.....pakka

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    nitin patel

    sir bss ek chidren educationpe

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    Sanam Faiz

    BhuT HaRd

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    Vidyut Pal

    Bhai apna sbse alag.. ek dum original 😎😘

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    kishlay singh

    Only You are best

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    Bobby Bharti

    Dino james rap ka dinosaur YOU ROCK BROTHER 👏👏👏

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    arjun viswanath

    I was on IN-stream searching for all the rappers and where were you my bro.. U r the dynamite..

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    rishabh soni

    Aap broken heart and. Motivation video banaiye plzzz

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    mazhar abbas

    Haq hai faltu mera bhai

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    Tejas jadhav

    like=emiway bantai comment=dino james

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    Jatin Gautam

    Dino Bhai ko bb-12 m dekhna chahta huh Winner k tor pe

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    ankit sharma

    best line 1:19

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    Sunny Singh

    If dino sir gonna collab with villain will be 😰🔥

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  • Samriddhi Mahant
    Samriddhi Mahant

    Best motivater . It's help me a lot . Thanks for making this kind of rap

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    mohammad ovaish

    that starting tune is become my ring tone 🤗🖕

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    Dr Yash Vlogs

    GAZAB 😮

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    sumit singh

    भाई जी गजब

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    Neil Fresco Vlogs

    Guess Who got inspired from d12 my band

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    Emam yt


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    Taran Singh

    O pra ...att a yr...

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    Chandan Raj

    Miss u bhai🧧😣

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  • Noushad Bhuiyan
    Noushad Bhuiyan

    0:36 It seems you followed tupac's legacy. That's the thing. I really appreciate you. Actually I also do rap like you as a freedom artist. Meaningful rap is actually what rap means. The story teller. What is happening on earth. I can picture your mindset what you feel like. Keep designing rhymes, keep educating. Cause we are faltu rapper. We don't use glitter. Like India, in Bangladesh , people also depends on commercial type shits. And I said this => 4:00

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  • sam saif atoz
    sam saif atoz

    Mindbloing rap brother but editing starting ka bahut bekar tha

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    Luckybhoduria Bhoduria

    Dino is the best 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

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    Šidhanth Agrawal

    Faltu nhi faddu h bhai 😊😊👍👌

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    gud brother.

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    just took me 1 min to get flattened

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    Man u r awesome

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    DeepSharan Hgnis

    Bro No disrespect For you: *ITS NOT A REAL RAP* You just tell stories............

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    Don't Read My Profile Picture

    Bhenchod dislike kyon karte ho video ko like hi kar diya karo

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    Rohan Singh

    Waiting for your new motivational video

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    Osm bro Carry on You can success we are supot u😍

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    Garwali Riti Rivaj

    Bhai mai b aapke jaise hi gaane likhta hu yrrr plzzzz i want to meet uuuu bhai plzzzz whatsapp or call meee +919535402472

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    Mahesh Adakmol

    Bod hard

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    Kashish Goyal

    Unique.. At least, ladkiyon se cheap role to ni kraaye views bdhaane k liye... 👌👌👌👌

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    Patel Sanket

    dhichik dhichik kuch bhi lyrics😂😂

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  • Abhishek Saini
    Abhishek Saini

    #Dinojames you are a prodigy but why not anyone seeing this ... Brother you use the words in your songs that we use in daily life not some exotic words

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    A. J.

    Who is getting Slim Shady vibes ??

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    A huge respect for DINO JAMES 🙌

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    Best Rapper Jai shankar

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    This video end of dino🙏🙏

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    Accha to aap hi ho mahan Dino James Sacchi sacchi bolo what’s your real name Isey gaana kehte ho aap bloody nonsense Itni kardi girlfriend ne aapne maa behan Thak gaye saale mere sunke kaan Meri jaan aise gaanon ki hai no demand Aisa kuch kar na like lungi dance Woh bhi bina koyi payment ya advance Yeh spoken word hai, sir its not rap Bas baatein karein nonstop, without gap Koi dega nahi aise mein tumko launch pad Bhagwan ne khud hi kiya saara mujhe WhatsApp Kitne thake thake videos nikalte ho bhai Sabke dhaki dhaki kyon hain cleavage aur thigh Yeh pasand nahi karenge saare youngster Commercial karo beta commercial Waise kya definition hai comercial ki Adhnangi chicks, 90s remix Aur dhik-chick, dhik-chick kuch bhi lyrics Aur khud ka naam ho 10 bara repeat Yeh sab nikalna hai mujhe chhati se Kyun gaane karun zabran party ke Aur bhi mere paas bohat topic hain Wahan waise hi itna zyada sala traffic hai Sunke gaane Kishore aur Rafi ke Lagta hai rappers hain hum bas toffee ke Star bane phire saare nausikhiye Sab nakli hain saala, sab hi graphic hai Tu faltu rapping karta hai Yeh lagte hain ilzaam Tera kuch nahi ho sakta music mein Yeh sunta hoon main aam Mujhe chaahe woh darana Par hote hain bas nakaam They try to pull me down Par ulta hota hoon main strong Tu faltu rapping karta hai Yeh lagte hain ilzaam Tera kuch nahi ho sakta music mein Yeh sunta hoon main aam Mujhe chaahe woh darana Par hote hain bas nakaam They try to pull me down Par ulta hota hoon main strong Kahaan karega play, kaun dega stage Dekh mere bhai jaisa desh waisa bhes Itni saari mehnat sab hai waste Ek baar likh phir cut copy paste Par hai mere paas bohat stories to tell Lori aur melodies bories mein qaid Bas dhoondh raha hoon ek achcha johar'e to sell Vishwas karo yaar no need to help Paise khade banaate hain saare kaagzaat Pehle humein banani tumhari suhagraat Vishwas leke karte vishwasghaat Naagraj hain aasteen ke yeh saakshat Karte khus-phus nuks yeh nikalte nuks Kisi dude ke saath karte na video shoot Kuch khud chhut-put, jhooth-mooth, se smooch Kood kood ke dekhega phir yeh video youth Main likhta hoon achcha ekdum mind blow Aur stories hain meri saari bhai pure Par rapper nahi hoon accha you know why bro? Kyonki kar nahi paata hoon main joint roll Tu faltu rapping karta hai Yeh lagte hain ilzaam Tera kuch nahi ho sakta music mein Yeh sunta hoon main aam Mujhe chaahe woh darana Par hote hain bas nakaam They try to pull me down Par ulta hota hoon main strong Tu faltu rapping karta hai Yeh lagte hain ilzaam Tera kuch nahi ho sakta music mein Yeh sunta hoon main aam Mujhe chaahe woh darana Par hote hain bas nakaam They try to pull me down Par ulta hota hoon main strong Kuch saalon ki kalaiyon mein hoti hai moch Baaton mein ouch, T-Shirt like blouse Dino from south bana ke pout Jaise tau gaaon me bata kare daba ke pouch Seedhe gau lagte hain mujhe yeh somehow Andar Shakti Kapoor hai Lalita aau I wish chillaun main loud izzat bachaun Bhaagu yahan se saala casting couch I said main wo wala rapper nahi hoon sir Maine kab kaha yo ma wassup n!gga Aise hi raha hoon main hardam se Nahi hai keedon ka tattoo mere gardan pe Gaanon ko dete mere 10 mein 10 Zabardast You, be in touch Unpe karke trust aur baatein maan ke sach Church mein gasht bas lagne lagte bas Phir karta hoon maheeno mein call pe call Woh pass karte rehte mujhe like a ball Mere sad smilies aur unke lol Jab kaha f*kc you all Ho gayi problem solve Ghisi piti wahi baatein karke mujhko pakaye Meri saari majboori ka banate hain mazaak Busy busy busy hone ka naatak karte but why Kabhi milte ghalti se dete bas yeh jawab Ki tu faltu rapping karta hai Yeh lagte hain ilzaam Tera kuch nahi ho sakta music mein Yeh sunta hoon main aam Mujhe chaahe woh darana Par hote hain bas nakaam They try to pull me down Par ulta hota hoon main strong Oh faltu rapper Oh faltu rapper Oh faltu rapper Faltu rapper Oh faltu rapper Oh faltu rapper Oh faltu rapper Faltu rapper La la la la la la... Written by: Dino James

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  • Shubham Saini
    Shubham Saini

    Chalo kisi ne to mehnga video bnaya 😂😂osm rap bro.....thank for mehnga video with real rap

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    Three mill views brodaaaaa

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    khatarnak bhaii

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    Glitter kumar rocks 🤣🤣🙏

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    Tranding vid

    You're the best rapper in the world.....

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    Madhavan Rai

    Sir best song😚😚😘

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    Aman Dhankhar

    Osam song

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    baljeet singh

    bhai sahab you are not a faltu rapper , your song have a power to motivate mens

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    Avinash Singh

    Love u bro keep it up

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    Vinay Sharma

    Awesome song sir The best rapper in Inida Ur the best sir We love u sir

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    civilized indian

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    misunderstood 89

    If this ever comes to England your going to be a laughing stock. What a load of shite

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    bhai you are greater than anyone sir salute you never stop you are hero for me☺😊☺☺😊☺

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